Sunday Funday will feature a variety of over 40 stalls, auctions and raffles organised by dedicated members of our community.  Each convenor puts an enormous amount of work into the organisation of their particular stall to ensure that everyone who come to Sunday Funday have a fantastic time. Thank you stall convenors!

Stall Name

Stall Convenor


Art Auction  


Jen Foreman

Join us for an Art Auction of canvases made by each class (Prep through to Yr 6) open to Silent Auction bidding then the bidding will go live. 

Auction (Live)




The ‘Live’ Auction will feature 5 Big Tickets items. A list will be advertised closer to the day


Rachel Nisbett

Melanie Higgins

Suzanne Brown


Everyone young and old loves books, and we have plenty to choose from at our Book Stall.
You will find good quality paperback and hardcover fiction, non-fiction, children’s, cook books and more at the Book Stall.

Find Us in the Hall. 


Elena Power

The Cake Stall is one of the major draw-cards at the annual Fete and we hope that this year is no exception!

This year our cake stall will feature a Junior MasterChef competition in decorating a cake. Find us in the hall. 

Bottle Your Luck



Louisa Begsley

Try your luck at this new stall. Bottles of goodies as prizes in a tiered system. It’s all about rolling the dice and taking a chance! 

Craft Stall

Eloma Samaranayake

You’ll find all sort of homemade items here from covered coat hangers to homemade Jams and Preserves. This stall is being run by our Parish this year so please show your support you’ll find this stall in the Hall. 

Cent Auction



Susan Taylor

Camille McKee

The traditional Cent auction is back in 2015. A large range of prizes to suit all age groups, buy your tickets and place them in the box of items you would like to win. A list of prizes will be displayed on our website closer to the day.

Creation station –  NEW


Syliva Rial

Kristen Heinemann White

In 2015 we are trying a new activity at Creation Station – Painting Plaster Moulds. This will be a hit with the kids and give everyone some quiet time while the kids paint their own plaster mould to take home.


Lara Miller


It wouldn’t be a fete with all that colour and balloons without this team. 

Face Painting and Tattoos

Sara Martin

Sharee Lamont

It doesn’t matter if you are young or young-at-heart, a visit to the fete is not complete without a makeover at the Face Painting tent.  This year they will also be doing tattoos! 

Guessing Tent 



Daniela De Felice

Take a Guess at the number of items in a container or a Car and you might be the winner. 


Jean Norton

Deborah Palmer

Crazy Hair will be back again after a phenomenal success last year. The colours, glitter and accessories will be a  MUST do on the day. 

Haunted House



Maria Cacciola

Nicky Savage

Take a walk through the new attraction the HAUNTED HOUSE...its creepy and spooky and has a few surprised inside.

Last One Standing

John Christie


Buy your ticket early, choose your lucky number and be there at 2pm to see if you win the grand prize of $1000. Only ONE can be left standing! 


Phillip Archer

Stacey Ryan

Penny Rossberg

Everyone loves Lob-Choc! Toss your coins and win a chocolate. Look out for those gold tickets. 

Money Tree

Kirsty Gore

Libbi Pauli

The Money Tree was a huge hit in 2013. Every envelope wins a prize and this year there will be more envelopes so more prizes to win. 

Plant Stall

Martha Barrera


Always a favourite – stock up on your seedlings and herbs ready to plant. 

Publican’s Purse

Katie and Luke Fairbanks

A wheelbarrow full of goodies to win. 


Show Bags


Shaye Brown

Lauren Corrie


Showbags are MUST at any fete. Check out our range of novelty show bags

Side Show Games


Sally Wearne

Jody Mulholland 


$1 a go on the different games. This is the area for the kids to win a prize and have a ball.

Sunday Funday

Super Sweep


Antonia Stephenson




This is our new Art union style raffle with BIG prizes to be won. $5 a ticket and a prize for the family who sells the most tickets in the school. Check out more details on Super Sweeps own page.


Michelle Hamilton

Bernadette Burgess




Make the Sweets Stall one of your first stops. There will be a HUGE variety of sweets. So make sure that you head over to take a look and choose a few of the delicacies during the day! You’ll find us in the hall. 

Spin and Win NEW


Helen Moloney 



In 2015 we are putting a new twist on the traditional Tombola stall. You will need to spin the wheel and see what prize you win.

Treasure Chest

Amanda Farrell

Maria Gordon

Try the key in the lock and if it unlocks you win a one of 100 the prizes. 



Lauren  Van Gool

Tennille Willington 

The epicentre of the financials for the day.