Making Learning Visible

​At St Martin's we want our students to own their learning. We encourage our students to develop qualities to be successful learners. These qualities are known as 'Learning Dispositions' – the language of learning and refer to the way in which learners engage in and relate to the learning process.  At St Martin's School we have '7 Learner Qualities.'​


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Teachers at St Martin's School make learning visible to students by explicitly discussing the Learning Intentions and Success Criteria. Together with the students, they create learning goals to ensure that all students grow and reach their potential.

We believe the acquisition and application of these 'Learning Dispositions' will better enable students to know what to do in challenging learning situations and to answer 5 key learner questions: What am I learning? How am I going with this learning? How do I know? How can I improve? Where do I go for help?​