From the Art Room

​“Where it is not about being right, it is about being different."

The Art Room is a hive of activity where we explore different mediums and techniques from Prep to Year 6 in weekly classes.  Students are encouraged t​o use their imagination to invent, design, experiment, express and create.  We are inspired by artists from different cultures and times, nature, our environment, culture, spirituality, ourselves and by each other.

We learn about ourselves as we grow as artists, explore what makes us unique, think about what is important to us and discover what is important to other people. We observe, listen, feel, discuss, express, create and share. 

Instilling and nurturing a love and appreciation for Visual Arts is embedded in everything we do in the Art Room.  


Prep: Hundertwasser inspired (Collaborative​)​


Year One: Vincent Van Gogh inspired (Collaborative) ​​


Year Two:  Georgia O'Keeffe inspired Poppies (Collaborative) 


Year Three: Inspired by Dreamtime Story “How The Birds Got Their Colours” (Collaborative) 


Year Four:  Emily Kame Kngwarreye inspired (Collaborative) ​​


Year Five:  Klimt inspired “Tree of Life” (Collaborative) 


Year Six: Queenslanders (Collaborative)