Religious Education

pastoral.jpgReligious Education aims to develop students’ religious literacy in the light of the Catholic tradition, so that they may participate critically and effectively in the life of their faith communities and wider society. (A Syllabus for Religious Education for Catholic Schools p.18)
Religious Education at St Martin’s consists of two areas, which include the classroom teaching and learning of Religion and the nurturing of faith. Classroom teaching and learning of Religion, along with other curriculum areas, aims to develop life-long learners. Units of work may be connected with other curriculum areas. Faith formation permeates the whole school climate and is evident in school prayer celebrations, school and class liturgies, prayer assemblies, religious symbols, student well-being policies, and so forth.
Classes are encouraged to attend mass once a semester. Students in the Junior and Upper Years are encouraged to attend second rite Reconciliation once a semester.  

Children’s Liturgy of  the Word

A Children’s Liturgy of the Word is conducted at the 9:00am Parish Sunday Mass, where the children receive instruction from Parish catechists and then rejoin the congregation at the Offertory.

Parish Sacramental Program

In 1997, the Archbishop launched the new Archdiocesan Sacramental Policy, to be used across the diocese. This policy clearly places the preparation for the Sacraments with the family and the celebration within the Parish setting. The co-ordination of the program rests with the Parish Sacramental Co-ordinator. The teachers at St Martin’s also support this in the classroom by teaching specific units at the time children are preparing to receive the Sacraments.
Sacramental Policy Notes:
  • Children who were baptised as infants may be considered eligible for confirmation and first reception of Eucharist from about the age of eight or nine.
  • The opportunity for the celebration of Reconciliation precedes the reception of Eucharist.
  • The celebration of Confirmation and first Eucharist involves the entire parish community, if possible, during the Easter season, involving at least child, parents and baptismal sponsors. The Sacrament of Penance (Reconciliation) is celebrated late August/early September.
  • The celebration of Penance, and the first reception of Eucharist are separated by a suitable period of time.
  • When readiness for the sacraments has been determined, each child is enrolled in the parish program for sacramental preparation.
  • Persons with an intellectual handicap are to receive the sacraments in accordance with the policy already established.
Please note: Families with school aged children who wish to be initiated into the Catholic faith, need to contact the Parish Office.

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