From the Music Room

​​Students at St Martin's are very fortunate to have access to weekly classes with the Music Specialist Teacher.

The Preps to Year 2 Classroom Music Program is about enjoyment, exposure and fostering a love of music. Students will learn through an aural -vocal approach with a high kinaesthetic proponent. Activities are created to provide students with a foundational bank of knowledge, skills and experiences to carry through their primary school music journey. The Years 3 to 6 Music Program continues with the exploration and skill development of music concepts and introduces tuned classroom instruments to further practice learnt skills. All students are introduced to basic rhythmic and melodic elements, musical concepts and will explore a variety of traditional folk, classical, First Nations and modern music examples.​

St Martin's also has three un-auditioned School Choirs; Senior Choir for students in Years 5 and 6, Junior Choir for ​students in Years 3 and 4 and Year 2 Choir. The Junior and Senior Choir often perform at various school-based events, such as assemblies, school mass and music evenings. The Year 2 Choir learns to work together as an ensemble, choir etiquette and how to sing together in tune. ​


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