​What is NAPLAN?

NAPLAN is a national assessment that tests students' ability in three domains of literacy—reading, writing and language conventions (spelling, grammar and punctuation)—and in numeracy. NAPLAN assesses literacy and numeracy skills and provides a snapshot of student performance in Years 3, 5, 7 and 9 at a particular point in time. Students are tested on literacy and numeracy content from the Australian Curriculum, and test results chart progress against a national standard.

NAPLAN.jpgNAPLAN testing can create anxiety for some students. Considering this, the teachers at St Martin's ensure that students and caregivers understand that NAPLAN results are only one measure of a student's ability. When developing Assessment Capable Learners, St Martin's can help alleviate anxiety around NAPLAN testing and set their students up for future learning success.

During Term 4, the Year 2 and Year 4 teachers focus on building student assessment capability and familiarity with online testing formats.  In Term 1, the Year 3 and 5 teachers provide a range of opportunities for students to develop the necessary skills to be assessment capable. This includes completing online practice tests, unpacking styles of questions and working and completing tests during a set time frame.

​Assessment Capable Learners enact the deep knowledge we now possess about the significant roles that motivation, goal setting, self-regulation, and feedback play in learning and numeracy that are developed over time, through the Australian Curriculum.​

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