Health, Physical & Outdoor Education

swim.jpgThe Physical Education Program at St Martin’s aims to involve every student by participation in a range of fine and gross motor skills, body and spatial awareness and use of equipment in free and structured settings. Continual positive reinforcement along with equal opportunities to communicate and work in teams is a key learning intention each and every day. 

Physical Education contributes to the development of health-related fitness including aerobic fitness, muscular strength and endurance, flexibility and desirable levels of skill attainments, as well as promoting amongst the participants a greater self-belief in their own abilities. 

Physical Education at St Martin’s caters for a range of physical activities and includes play, games skills, structured sports, aquatic pursuits, gymnastics and outdoor education pursuits such as orienteering, canoeing and camping programs. 

At St Martin’s, our Physical Education Programs are highlighted by a focus for developing a positive attitude towards participation in a range of physical activities. The students are encouraged to appreciate the benefits of physical activity and to develop a healthy respect for individuals and of the rights of others. The students accept physical challenges and do so willingly in order to enhance their self-esteem and that of others. A balance between these philosophies is key to acquiring a healthy level of fitness and attaining overall wellbeing.

St Martin’s offers a wide range of programs for students from Prep to Year Six: 

  • Swimming Program – Learn to swim, stroke correction and advance skills technique
  • Cross Country Program – Technical coaching and training offered during season 
  • Athletics Program – all students are instructed across all areas of athletics
  • Outdoor Education Program – available to Years 4 to 6 students, programs are designed in developing skills that increasingly challenge our students.
  • Major Sports Program – students are exposed to all major sports, through the teaching of specific skills within PE Program. Development Officers reinforce these skills with regular visits covering major sports
  • Interschool-Intra school sport-available to Years 4 to 6 in Terms 2 and 4. Students compete against other schools in the district and each other in a variety of team sports.  This program encourages students to try a new sport and build cooperation and teamwork skills.
  • Sporting Afternoons – this initiative is to encourage maximum participation amongst all students, as well as the promotion of sportsmanship and cooperation within a team structure for the Middle School students.
  • Seasonal Afterschool/Before School Programs are offered for cricket, netball, tennis, rugby. 

Camps and Excursions 

School camps are an important learning and socialising experience and are a part of our school curriculum for our students. They promote team building and cooperation as well as providing students with many and varied challenges in a new environment.  Camps are held for Years 4 to 6.