Assessment & Reporting

assessment.jpgAlthough the words assessment and evaluation are often used interchangeably, they each have a specific meaning and a different purpose. Whilst evaluation is concerned with the whole of the education process, assessment attempts to measure children's performance and achievement.

The key features of our assessment policy are as follows:

  • assessment is continuous and is based on a variety of assessment techniques rather than one-off end of semester exams
  • assessment focuses on the child’s demonstration of learning
  • teachers collate a Student Work Folio which is continually added to throughout the year
  • the information gathered is accessible to parents throughout the year by arrangement with the teacher.

Reporting Program:

The program of reporting achievement consists of the following measures:


  • There will be a Parent-Teacher Meeting during the first four weeks of term.
    Invitation to meet all parents individually in a formal or informal setting with the teacher. It will remain at the teacher's discretion as to how formal or informal this meeting may be.
  • Teachers will begin to compile a Student Work Folio.
  • Formal Parent-Teacher Dialogues will be scheduled towards the end of the term.  This discussion may involve the child as a 3-way conference (Yr 3-7).


  • A formal written report will be sent home with each child during the last weeks of term.


  • Sharing of student work will occur in a number of ways. It could be sent home with children, or teachers may hold an open afternoon and invite parents to come in and view the student work samples in the classroom, either individually or as a group.


  • A formal written report will be sent home with each child during the last week of term.