tech1.jpgAt St Martin’s we aim to integrate technology into our teaching and learning within and across the curriculum. Students take part in specific lessons as well as experiencing technology as an integral part of curriculum instruction and practice.

This approach is enhanced by having networked computers throughout the school, which include pods of notebooks for use within and around the classrooms. These machines, and the bank of computers in the Resource Centre, enable students to work individually or in groups, utilising a variety of programs, including those accessed through the internet.

St Martin’s continues to implement strategies for designing and maintaining a reliable network with a variety of workstations, laptops, iPads and other digital resources, including cameras, mp3 players, interactive whiteboards and green screen technology.

The internet and technology are a regular part of life for our students. They have grown up with it and use technology in a variety of ways. One of our main goals at St Martin’s is to give students a variety of opportunities to develop not only their knowledge, skills and understanding but also to develop positive attitudes and values when using information and communication technologies in their daily lives.

1 to 1 Student Laptop Program

tech3.jpgStudents in Year 5 and Year 6 participate in the 1 to 1 Laptop Program at our school. ​Students experience a ‘Laptop Boot Camp’ where they learn about a range of expectations and guidelines associated with the program.

With every new phase of technology development, we also continue to take steps to assist all users in becoming good Digital Citizens, i.e. to use these tools and interact with technology using appropriate and responsible behaviour without having negative impacts on others.

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On Enrolment parents now complete the ICT Resources User Acceptance form. This makes reference to the Conditions of Use Statement which provides information required to enable the understanding responsibilities associated with use of these resources. This document, which can be accessed through the link below, must be read and understood before signing the agreement.


Conditions of Use of ICLT Resources