Art Auction

Our talented Art Teacher, Michelle Ashford, has been working enthusiastically with the class groups to produce wonderful pieces of artwork. They were hot property in 2013 and will again be auctioned at Sunday Funday 2015!  


Children in Prep were observing paintings and drawings by Austrian Artist, Hundertwasser.  They noticed he loved circles, spirals, uneven lines, rainy days and lots of colour. They practiced their circles inside circles, spirals and rain drops before they drew directly onto the canvas which was prepared earlier with the children’s help of rolling, drawing lines and painting with brushes and textural tools. 

They each drew  a flower (concentric circles) in black marker and painted it with their two favourite colours.  While some other children drew the spiral sun and rain drops.  These were all coloured by the children.  Some of the children helped me do the stem lines. They have all signed their names of the back (They have signed their names behind the flower they did).​

Prep C Mrs Jones​Prep C Mrs Jones ​Prep D Mrs IgoePrep D Mrs Igoe

​​Prep G Mrs Martin DoylePrep G Mrs Martin Doyle.JPG
Prep M Mrs WantPrep M Mrs Want.JPG
​Prep R Miss KlingePrep R Miss Klinge.JPG

 Year 1: Sunflowers and Irises

This collaborative canvas was created by year one students.  They learned about Vincent Van Gogh and looked closely at his sunflower and irises paintings.  They worked with a partner to create one large sunflower, carefully considering tones in their work.  Next, they worked with a partner again and created one large iris, blending colours and creating tones. These were cut out by adults and glued down onto a prepared canvas,  which they children helped create with lots of sponging, dotting, rolling and applying textural tools.

The result is a beautiful garden of flowers which each child has worked on to create. They then began their individual work to create their own garden trying very hard to overlap lines and shapes through repetition.  Tones were considered carefully to create more interest.​

Year 1C Mrs Howie​Prep C Mrs Jones Year 1D Miss SullivanPrep D Mrs Igoe

​​Year 1G Miss SearlePrep G Mrs Martin Doyle.JPG
Year 1M Miss KeddaPrep M Mrs Want.JPG

Year 2: Poppies

Students in year 2 have been learning about Georgia O’Keeffe who loved painting large flowers and is famous for doing a painting of red poppies.  Also with ANZAC day approaching the poppies can also be used as a strong symbol.

The children cut out a symmetrical vase by folding a small piece of paper (which had previously been screen printed by children) in half, this was glued down for the vase.  Out of the vase flowers began growing, moving in long irregular lines, overlapping and moving across the paper.  The flowers were drawn and colour was applied, making sure of creating their own tones.  The table top was coloured and some of the children repeated the warm colours they did in the flowers.  It was then washed over with a cool coloured background to create contrast and make the flowers stand out.

Meanwhile children were preparing a large canvas with lots of rolling, dabbing, sponging, dotting and applying textural tools with paint.  Red coloured paper was prepared by some children with sponging and stippling, this was then cut into small sizes for children to cut out love heart shape ‘petals’.  The children all glued 5 love hearts around a black circle for their flower.  One or two of the children began the stem lines.

The result is a poppy field forever.​

Year 2C Mrs HayesPrep C Mrs Jones
Year 2 D Miss McDowallPrep D Mrs Igoe

​​Year 2G Mrs TaylorPrep G Mrs Martin Doyle.JPG
Year 2M Mrs MuttonPrep M Mrs Want.JPG
​Year 2R Mr RobinsonPrep R Miss Klinge.JPG

​Year 3: Brisbane River

Students in year three have been learning about the dots, lines and shapes and colours of the traditional aboriginal art of Australia.  We also looked at images of the Brisbane river from a birds eye perspective, as that is our place.   

A canvas was prepared with big splashes of warm, earthy coloured paint, another canvas was put on top (face to face) so both canvases were covered in a mixture of colours. When it was dry a student painted the thick black line diagonally through the canvas to present the Brisbane river.  Smaller lines were drawn by students that represented smaller creeks etc.   

Each of the four year 3 classes chose the autumn colours as their colour scheme.  Wattle is represented through the colour yellow as it is our national flower.​

Year 3D - Mrs Dickson/Mrs Smith
Year 3D.jpeg

Y​ear 3G - Mrs Bodley
Mrs. Bodley 3G.jpeg
​Year 3C - Mrs Cloherty
Mrs. Cloherty 3C.jpeg
​​Year 3M - Ms Abbott
Mrs. Dickson, Mrs. Smith 3D.jpeg

​Year 4: Various Artworks​ - Classroom Teacher

Year 4D
Year 3D.jpeg

Y​ear 4M
Mrs. Bodley 3G.jpeg
​Year 4G
Mrs. Cloherty 3C.jpeg
​​Year 4C
Mrs. Dickson, Mrs. Smith 3D.jpeg
Year 5 
Year 3D.jpeg

Year 6M

Year 6D
Love in Action 6D.jpg