Student Wellbeing Officer at St Martin's

​​​A Student Wellbeing Officer has been appointed to St Martin's and will be working each Tuesday and Thursday in the area of student welfare and wellbeing. Our Student Wellbeing Officer is an experienced teacher who will work with our Guidance Counsellor supporting students in these areas:

  • Social and Emotional Support - assisting students to develop knowledge, understanding and skills that support learning, positive behaviour and constructive and social relationships through social skills programs

  • Spiritual Support - providing an additional dimension to the school's care and guidance and support of students

  • Mentoring - acting as a role model for students and assisting in the development of supportive relationships for, with and among students

  • Community Development - enhancing links between school and it's community

  • Educational Support - assisting with classroom activities (under the direction of a teacher)

  • Extra -curricular activities - helping out with excursions, camps, school activities

We are most grateful to the Australian Government for providing the funding for this position through the National School Chaplaincy Program.