School & Parish Connections

This year, we will continue the tradition of Before School and St Martin’s ministered Sunday masses. These masses provide an opportunity for students from St Martin’s to participate in the ministry roles and are held at Our Lady of Graces Church.

Before School Masses occur once per month on a Thursday morning at 7:45am.

St Martin’s Ministered Masses are held at the 5:30pm Sunday mass.

At these masses, the children are invited to read the readings and the Prayers of Intercession, participate in the offertory procession and join in the singing. These masses provide an opportunity for our community to join together and celebrate the Eucharist. Importantly, within the community of St Martin’s, opportunities for participation in these masses enhances the rich prayer life that exists between family, school and parish which is a valued relationship within our faith community.

An invitation is extended to all students and families to attend these masses. Each of the masses will be advertised in the newsletter closer to each date along with an invitation to email me should your child like a role in the mass.