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home.jpgSt Martin's school is committed to developing close ties between home and school.  There are many opportunities for parent participation in the life of the school some of which are outlined below.  Many other opportunities arise during the year.

School Newsletter

The School Newsletter is emailed out to parents every Wednesday.  Hard copies are available at the School Office and on the Parent Portal.  As this is our most regular and comprehensive form of communication parents are encouraged to read the newsletter in order to keep updated with school news.

Communication with Class Teachers

Parents are encouraged to keep in regular contact with class teachers.  Consideration should be given to teacher preparation time and class responsibilities.  It is preferable to arrange a mutually agreed upon time to meet so that teachers can prepare adequately for the meeting and avoid disturbing time in class.

Student Diaries

All children are issued with a St Martin's Student Diary early in the school year. The diary serves two basic purposes.  The children will use the diary to record their homework tasks and any other messages for the day.  Secondly, it will become a means for teachers and parents to communicate with each other on a daily basis if necessary.  Teachers will explain the diary fully at the Parent-Teacher meetings early in the year.

If you have a concern

St Martin's has a policy that encourages open communication between home and school.  It is policy that if any parent has a concern/grievance/complaint that involves a teacher, he/she must first approach and discuss the issue with the class teacher.  After having approached the class teacher in the first instance, parents are welcome to discuss the matter further with the principal, and an agreed way forward will proceed.  It is preferable to arrange an appointment by emailing (pcarina@bne.catholic.edu.au) or telephoning the school office staff.

School Assemblies

home2.jpgEach week a whole school assembly is held on Monday mornings in the Dominic Centre.  Early Years prayer and sharing/awards assembly and the Junior and Middle Years prayer and awards assembly are held on alternate Wednesday mornings in the Dominic Centre at 8:30am.  Parents are welcome to attend assemblies.

Class Convenors

Each year a class parent(s) is selected from the parents group of each class to act in the role of Class Convenor.  This role has a pastoral focus, building positive support for families and teachers within the class.  Responsibilities may include:
  • Acknowledging births/deaths, difficult times
  • Organising class social functions
    Supporting teacher for various activities
  • Welcoming new families
    Assisting P&F with filing Sunday Funday Roster
Meetings are held on Mondays @ 9.10am, one or twice a term.


Mobile Phones at school

Mobile phones are not required at school.
If a child needs to carry a mobile phone before and after school for safety reasons, then a letter stating such must be sent to the teacher from the authorising parents.
Authorised mobile phones brought to school must have the child’s name clearly marked on it, signed in at the office, locked in the office for the duration of the school day, and collected by the child before leaving school.
Any unauthorised mobile phones will be collected by staff locked in the office, and parents will be notified.