Vision and Mission

St Martin’s Catholic Primary School aims to foster an environment based on the values and understandings of our Dominican heritage – Love Of Learning, Prayer And Contemplation, Justice and Peace with Inclusion of Others, Being an Individual, Care for All Creation, and Seeking Truth.

In St Martin’s Vision Statement, this ministry is expressed by:front_school.jpg

  • bringing about an integration of faith, life and culture through education of whole person physically, socially, emotionally, intellectually and spiritually and ensuring a balance between individual and societal needs.
  • teachers and staff attending to the education and formation of your people, assisting in the development of community, and giving expression to the values and wisdom inherent in the gospel message of Jesus and its expression in the Catholic faith tradition.
  • a commitment to working with parents, the first educators, in collaborative partnership for the betterment of the Catholic education of their children
  • being a place of faith, hope and love and where policies endeavour to give accessibility to all, especially the marginalized.
  • reflecting, incorporating and modelling the key elements of the Vision Statement.

St Martin’s Mission Statement

 St Martin’s is an inclusive Catholic Community unified by the hopes and dreams that we value for our children

  • St Martin’s accepts and includes everyone for who they are
  • St Martin’s builds relationships for life [Community]
  • St Martin’s prepares our children to be citizens of the future [Faith Development]
  • St Martin’s empowers our children to be productive and successful [Curriculum]
  • St Martin’s shares in the stewardship of God’s creation as co-carer of this world [Environment]