General School Information for Parents


“Our Place” OSHC Carina offers a comprehensive OSHC service that includes Before School (7.00 a.m. – 8.30 a.m.), After School (2.45 p.m. – 5.45 p.m.) and Vacation care (7.30 a.m. – 5.45 p.m.) services. Bookings are essential to secure a place in any of the services. Centacare Child Care Services operates the service. Bookings can be made through Carol Webb at “Our Place” OSHC Carina on 3398 7757 (after 2 p.m. weekdays). 

Prep and Year 1 students are cared for in our Art Room after school hours.

A Centacare Child Care Services brochure is available from the office.



  • Children to leave classrooms promptly at 2:50 p.m. to arrive at Broadway Street Supervised area ASAP.

  • All children to be collected by parents to sit under shade sail area at Broadway Street.

  • All children traveling by bus to stay together outside De Porres area until teacher walks them to bus stop on Mayfield Road – children must walk in a line.

  • No eating or playing in pick up/ bus areas.

  • Children not collected by 3.15 p.m. to be taken to sit in the administration office.


If a child is going to be absent from school, parents are requested to inform the class teacher beforehand or phone the absentee line.  When absence is unforeseen, a note must accompany the child on return to school the following day. In the event of children being absent from school for more than two days through illness, parents should contact the school office staff or class teacher. (This procedure to be reviewed 2016)


Children must be accompanied by an adult when leaving the grounds in school hours. If a caregiver not known to the school staff is going to collect a child during school hours, parents need to alert the school staff beforehand by phone or note that another nominated person will be calling and signing out the child.

The procedure for collection of a child is

1.     Parent or caregiver nominated by parent goes to the office.

2.     At the office the parent or caregiver identifies himself or herself to the office staff and records the late arrival or early departure using the ALLE system.

3.     Office staff will phone the teacher of the child concerned and send the child to the office.

4.     Parent or caregiver waits at office to collect child.

Children will not be permitted to return home for homework, sport clothes or lunches. We discourage children from using the school phone to request parents to bring items to school. It's all part of the process of developing responsibility.


We strongly urge parents to clearly mark every item belonging to a child, so that lost property can be reclaimed or returned promptly. At the end of each term any items of articles being placed in the second-hand uniform pool.  Children are discouraged from bringing expensive toys, iPods and swap cards to school.


Every effort is made to contact parents as appropriate if children become ill or suffer from accidents at school. Parents are urged to keep emergency contact details up to date with our office staff. All staff attending Sick Bay will have a current Senior First Aid qualification. All visits to the First Aid Room are recorded in our First Aid Register, with a note being sent home for significant issues. If a child is remaining in Sick Bay after lunch, the classroom teacher will be notified by the First Aid carer.


A note from parents is required for our files, advising us of the reason for each time a child is absent.

The Parent Authority and Consent Form is sent home for all students at the beginning of each year.  This will have the name of the person to be contacted in case of an emergency. 


Our most recent advice has established the school is able to administer Panadol as long as the parent has supplied Panadol and completed an Authority to Administer Paracetamol form (the school should also call the parent prior to administering it even if they have the signed form). 

Prescription Medications:  Where a medication has been prescribed by a Medical Practitioner and the child is well enough to attend school but needs medication during the day, parents are required to complete a Student Medication Authority (bright pink in colour) and attach a note or certificate from the doctor advising your child's teacher that s/he may administer a particular medication during school hours. The note which should include the name of the medication, the dosage and the time (s) to be administered.  Please note that both forms are required.  Student Medication Authority forms are available on request from the school office.

The medication in its original pharmacy labelled container is to be handed to the teacher to be kept in the First Aid Room (refrigerated if required). Alternatively, you as parent may wish (as some already do) to come to school and administer the medication.

Children administering Medications:  Sometimes children bring a medication which parents have given them instructions to take during the day (e.g. cough lollies). For these medications where the teacher is not involved in administering the medication, no authority is required.  However, particularly in the case of asthma sprays, a note from the doctor advising the necessity for the child to always carry the inhaler, is necessary. Otherwise, all medication is labelled and stored securely in the first aid room, and administration is monitored. As a general rule, we would rather that children do not keep medications themselves.

In Brief:

The school’s policy in relation to the administering of medication to children is in accordance with the Queensland Education Department Guidelines.  Please note the following:

a.  oral medication only will be administered to children by the first aid officer;

b.  this will only be done when a written request is made by parents and when this request is accompanied by a doctor’s authorisation (eligible prescription).


The current regulations of the Department of Health concerning re-admission of pupils who have had an infectious disease will be followed.


Trained volunteer parents conduct School Banking each Tuesday. Early in the school year all new children will receive information about the service.


Children may ride bicycles to school at parents’ discretion.  Given the heavy traffic in the local area, we do not recommend that younger children ride bicycles.  Children must wear a protective helmet.  Bicycles should be wheeled into the grounds and stored in the bicycle rack.



As there are two schools within close proximity of each other (San Sisto College and St Martin's) both Mayfield Road and Broadway Street carry a large volume of traffic each morning and afternoon. To cope with this traffic and ensure maximum safety for our children, the Brisbane City Council Traffic Branch, and ourselves, have combined to put certain procedures in place.

In Broadway Street - there is a two-minute pickup zone adjacent to the school.  This zone operates from 7am to 9am, and from 2pm to 4pm, and it is critical that the regulations be observed.  While this is a two-way street it is so narrow that we recommend that parents approach it only from Stanley Road to avoid children having to cross Broadway Street. Our staff supervises the children in a waiting space at Broadway Street and usher them out as their family car arrives. Parents should not park here to come into the grounds to collect children or see teachers.

A supervised school crossing exists for all those crossing Broadway Street.

In Mayfield Rd - The BCC has erected a bus lay-by to cater for both Council and Private buses.

A Supervised School Crossing exists in Mayfield Road in the morning and afternoons.

There is minimal parking available in the school grounds before or after school and the carpark in front of the Church should not be used as a turnaround.