From the Principal

Update from Principal - Geoff Sullivan

On Monday morning we had the privilege of presenting Sr Belen and Maryann from Canossa Kindergarten with the proceeds of our Italian day. The funds will be used to support the Canossian Sisters in their charities both at home and abroad. The Canossian Sisters were founded in Italy in 1808 by St Magdalen of Canossa who are today serving communities in 33 countries. During Monday's assembly we also acknowledged the school Readers Cup team and the school debating teams who were competing in competitions this week.

On Monday night I read over the list of Australians who were recognised in the 2018 Queen's Birthday Honours. These Australians have been recognised for outstanding achievement and service. During the last month of Term Two, the school is focussing on the qualities of connecting, communicating and reflecting and highlighting to students how these learner qualities are important in achieving goals. These qualities, along with the virtues of respect and a commitment of service would have been demonstrated by many recipients of the Queen's Birthday Honours this year.

This week, the St Martin's Community Council gathered for our Term 2 meeting and I thank each of the members for their commitment, support and wisdom. The St Martin's Community Council is a group of parents, staff and parish representatives who provide advice to the School Leadership Team in the areas of policy, finance and school development. Today our school acknowledged the contribution of our wonderful team of School Officers who do so much to ensure the school runs efficiently and for the support they provide the children and their colleagues.

Best wishes to our Years 5 & 6 students who will compete in the Sports Gala Day this Friday and our Prep, Years 1 & 2 students who will showcase their dance moves at the DanceCart Concert on Friday afternoon. I look forward to joining our Years 3&4 students and families for Mass on Sunday evening at 5:30pm in Our Lady of Graces Church.

Sleep and Behaviour

At this stage of the term we often see very tired children who sometimes seem more emotional (and unfortunately sometimes more physical) than other times during the term. At school, we model and reinforce the consistent message that using hands, feet and objects to annoy or harm others is unacceptable and cannot be tolerated. Parents need to support us in reinforcing this message when things go wrong so each child learns to be a considerate individual and to set them up for success in life. One of the points listed in the helpful hints below states that it is worth suggesting everyone goes to bed earlier in winter so you have longer story / reading times to settle tired kids. This is probably good advice for tired parents, teachers and principals too!

A good night's sleep (at least 8 hours) is essential for optimal brain functioning at school. Memory consolidation occurs during sleep especially during dream (or REM) sleep. During the normal 8-9 hours of sleep, five dream (REM) cycles occur. Adolescents getting only 5-6 hours of sleep lose out on the last two REM cycles and thereby reduce the amount of time the brain has to consolidate information.

Teenagers need as much sleep as children, partly because their brains are doing so much development.

Always remember there is no such thing as a sleep bank. So just because you slept 10 hours one night doesn't mean you can get away with only sleeping six hours the next night.

Students who don't get enough sleep have to work much harder to do well at school.

Best wishes for the week ahead,

Geoff Sullivan