From the Principal

Update from Principal - Geoff Sullivan

This Sunday we celebrate the Feast of Christ the King. This is the final Sunday in the Church year before we start preparing for the birth of Jesus in the season of Advent. A few years ago, Pope Francis remarked that Christ's kingship is not based on "human power" but on loving and serving others. He went on to explain that we show our faithfulness to Christ through our willingness to serve Him and live our lives based on His teachings and example. In other words, we must live it, not just say it.

There is a wonderful Irish proverb, “We live in the shelter of each other". At St Martin's we take great pride in the way we nurture the hearts, minds and spirits of all by promoting the teachings of Christ in the way we live out values such as respect and kindness. We are constantly challenging students to look out for each other and look after each other in the school community. Caring for one another is what strong communities do and the quality of any community can be measured by the care it provides for the very young, the very old and those who are unwell. An important feature of any strong community is when we understand that it is not just about me, but about us.

Important Information for End of Year Processes

This time of year, brings a great deal of interest for families to know class groupings and teachers for next year. As a number of staff contracts are still being finalised, teacher allocations to year levels will not be announced until Week 9. Our teachers and members of our Leadership and Support teams have been creating and adjusting class groupings since the beginning of this term. The staff have used their knowledge of the children and professional judgement to create class lists which include the individual needs of each child; a balance of academic abilities; a balance of social and emotional needs and abilities as well as a balance of gender. Late last term, parents were asked to submit any specific educational requests for our consideration in formulating classes for 2019 and these were taken into consideration, however any further requests will not be considered.

Class allocations will be made known in the last week of the term. Once students have been allocated a class, no changes will be possible. As this is an extremely complex process, involving countless hours of preparation and consideration, your support of these arrangements is appreciated.

Christmas Concert

Next Thursday we look forward to our Christmas Concert at the school. The concert will commence at 6:00pm but children will need to be at school by 5:45pm. This event is a child centred celebration, so alcohol is not to be brought into the grounds. More information can be found in this newsletter.


Thanks to all parents who provide positive feedback to the staff of St Martin's on a regular basis. We all realise that a kind word or positive feedback always goes a long way. At different times during the year, parents may provide positive feedback or express concerns regarding a range of situations that arise in a learning community like St Martin's. Thank you to those of you who approach issues in polite, constructive and open ways; your support is very much appreciated.

Congratulations and best wishes

Congratulations to our Futsal teams who played very competitively on Monday this week. Best wishes to our swimmers who will swim at the Team Relay event this Friday night at Chandler.

Best wishes for the week ahead,

Geoff Sullivan