From the Principal

Update from Principal - Geoff Sullivan:


During October each year, Catholic schools like St Martin’s participate in awareness and fundraising activities to support the work of Catholic Mission. Catholic Mission is the official mission aid agency of the Catholic Church.

Catholic Mission continues the mission of Jesus Christ in the world to share faith by:

• speaking the Word,

• caring for people in need, and

• acting for justice and creation.

During October, Catholic Mission focuses on the people around the world who struggle in their everyday lives.

World Mission month challenges us to assist the many people around our world who are affected by poverty, war, conflict and sickness. Mission is an expression of God’s love for us, and our love for others. This Friday, our students are invited to wear crazy socks to raise funds to support the work of Catholic Mission.

Congratulations to our Prep D & M students who shared the story of Crazy Sock Day at Assembly this week and explained so well the call of all people to make a positive difference in the lives of others through loving and compassionate actions.

More information on the work of Catholic Mission is available at

During the past week, St Martin’s students have again achieved some fantastic results in state and national competitions.

Queensland Literary Challenge

Congratulations to Lexi Helios (Year 6) who received an award for her prize winning entry in the Queensland Literary Competition last week. Lexi impressed the judges with her short story called The Beast. The judge provided this review of Lexi’s story: This young author balanced the credible with the seemingly incredible to provide a humorous recount of the trials and tribulations of waking a teenage sister from her overnight slumber. Figurative language reigned supreme, as did the graduation of expressions centring on the notion of defeat.

Opti-Minds finals

Congratulations to our Year 6 Opti-Minds team (Josie Krishna, Nikki Sullivan, Reese Meredyth, Sharnie Maione, Lexi Helios & Eve Lutton) on their outstanding achievements in the State and National Finals of Opti-Minds at UQ last weekend. The team presented on the concept of what they would like to take into the future and received the highest number of votes by other participating teams. Our team received second place in the state/national finals in their division and category. The students had three hours to prepare for a task - complete with a script and drama performance - to solve a problem. The students also had to complete a spontaneous challenge as part of the competition. I thank Mr Sam O’Leary, Mrs Liz Mellon and the parents who supported the students with their involvement in this activity this year.

Best wishes for the week ahead.

Geoff Sullivan