Parent Participation Plan (PPP)

The St Martin’s School Parent Participation Plan (PPP) is an essential part of our school’s ongoing growth and unique spirit. Being part of the PPP is a great way for you to meet other parents and have fun helping our community spirit shine even stronger. It also enhances the educational and social experiences not only of your children, but of all children and staff who fill St Martin’s with their energy, laughter and abilities.

Our children love to see us actively involved in their school activities and community!

The aims of the system include the:

  1. Provision equitable and timely access to families registering for PPP events and activities
  2. Improvement of communication processes including immediate confirmation of events registered for and contact details of event coordinators.
  3. Reduction of financial, time and effort costs involved in previous paper- based system
  4. Engagement of technology to support our coordination, implementation and review of PPP events.