Year 6 Leaders

Last Friday, our Year 6 students were inducted as Student Leaders of St Martin's for 2018. The students co-constructed this pledge as leaders of the student body:

We are the Year Six leaders; a strongly connected, positive, hardworking and forward- thinking group of students.

We pledge to be responsible role models for the younger children. To teach them to be respectful and kind to whoever they meet. We promise to take on any challenge and persist without giving up. We will set a good example by wearing the correct school uniform and remembering to carry out our leadership responsibilities efficiently. We believe in teamwork as on our own we will achieve very little, but together we can achieve greatness. By carrying out our leadership year in the image of Jesus, we will be able to live the truth, love the truth, and speak the truth. This is our pledge to the whole St Martin's community.

We certainly look forward to the positive contribution of our St Martin's Student Leaders this year and hope that this experience will be a life-giving experience for the students and all in our community.yr6leaders.jpg