The Easter Story

​This week we have been remembering the Easter Story with a special liturgy each day. On Monday we celebrated the events of Palm Sunday –where Jesus rode into Jerusalem on a donkey and the crowds gathered to cheer him, waving palms and singing out 'Hosanna'. Our Year 1 students did an awesome job of presenting this part of story. Thanks to Christian from Year 6 who has been playing the role of Jesus and to our two Year 6 narrators, Sienna and Rhianna.

palm sunday.png 

Our second part of the story, Holy Thursday, was presented by students in Year 3. The students first shared the story of how Jesus washed the feet of his disciples, giving us an example of how Jesus wants us to serve one another, as he did to his disciples. The story then continued in the 'Upper Room' where Jesus shared the last meal with his friends. It was here he shared bread, his 'body' and wine, his 'blood' and asked his disciples to remember him. Jesus was also aware that one of his disciples, Judas, would soon betray him.

holy thursday.png 

We continue the Easter story with Year 4 presenting Jesus praying in the Garden of Gethsemane followed by the Arrest and Trial of Jesus. This will take place in the old assembly area at 2pm. On Friday, at 9am, we will conclude the Holy Week story with Year 5 presenting the story of Jesus carrying the cross, the Crucifixion and Jesus' Burial. This will also be held in the old Assembly Area. The Resurrection will be presented by Prep and Year 6, on Tuesday 23rd April at 2pm in the Dominic Centre. Parents and family members are most welcome to join us for these Liturgies.

Easter is a very special time in the Catholic Church. We are reminded that no matter how young or old we are, what a remarkable story the Easter story is. The fact that Jesus persevered in doing God's will in his life ought to give us hope in our own lives. Easter celebrates the promise of life in the face of death. Easter celebrations also reflect on peace and forgiveness which has come out of aggression. It is also a time for thinking about suffering, injustice and hardship. Let us focus this Easter, on the meaning of the Resurrection-New Life and new beginnings.

If you can make it along to some of the Easter Ceremonies in either our church, Our Lady of Graces, or another Parish that would be wonderful. Please find below the times for the Easter Ceremonies at Our Lady of Graces Parish, Carina.