Sunday Funday Collect and Cash in

collectandcash.pngDid you know you can help raise money for our school library make-over just by collecting your plastic and glass bottles for recycling? It’s as easy as putting your recyclable containers in a box and dropping them off at the Cleanaway Morningside recycling depot!!

Cleanaway has teamed up with St Martin’s to establish a Sunday Funday account with all funds raised going towards the school library refurbishment. Every eligible container is worth 10c – so ask your friends and family to set aside their recyclables, ask the neighbours, ask everyone you know and start filling a box!

You should receive two tags and a brochure explaining the program in your child’s satchel this week. The tags display the Sunday Funday account number and need to be attached to your collection box before dropping off at the Morningside depot. An electronic version of the tags is attached to this email for printing if you require more.

Eligible containers include most glass, plastic, aluminium, steel and paper-based cartons between 150mL and 3L – such as soft drink cans and plastic bottles, as well as beer bottles and other glass containers. Non-eligible containers include milk bottles, wine bottles and spirit bottles. Let’s all do our part for the environment and our school!