SVDP Soup Appeal

This week at our Monday Assembly, our Year 5 students launched the annual Soup Appeal. This appeal supports our local St Vincent De Paul at Our Lady of Graces to provide emergency food to many families and individuals in the local area. To provide this service, St Vincent De Paul is entirely dependent on donations both financial and through food supplies from Our Lady of Graces Community.

This winter, as part of the emergency food service, we are inviting families of St Martin's to donate at least one can of soup during our appeal. Cans of soup are able to be left in your child’s classroom in the basket provided. This soup will be part of a food parcel provided to those in need. One can of soup can make a difference to temporary relief of hunger that exists in our Community.

A special “thank-you” to our Year 5 students and teachers who have coordinated this appeal as part of their Religious Education learning, and “thank-you” St Martin’s for your continued support of your local St Vincent de Paul.