Project Compassion 2018

caritas-2018-poster.jpgThe Year 6 Spirit Committee, launched Project Compassion. This is an initiative of Caritas, an International Aid Organisation for the Catholic Church of Australia.

The theme of Project Compassion this year is A Just Future – focusing on providing an education for all young people, so that they will be able to have a quality future. We can support Caritas' mission of providing love and compassion by raising money in our school. To help us do this, our Spirit Committee have created two large displays, in the Dominic Centre, one an empty classroom, the other a shed in a field.

The classroom representing the right to an education for all and the shed and field representing the opportunity to learn skills, enabling people to build a better future for themselves. We ask that students do a few extra jobs around the house to earn some money and then kindly donate it to Project Compassion or perhaps give up having a treat from tuckshop and donate that money. Every little bit counts. Each week the amount raised will buy certain objects to fill the classroom and the shed/field. This week, we will endeavour to buy a teacher ($350), some students ($15 each) and some chickens ($5 each). We thank you in advance for your support. ​