Athletics Carnival Postponed

Dear Parents

Please be advised that a decision has been made regarding if we go ahead and host the St Martins Athletics Carnival.

Unfortunately, the carnival will not go ahead tomorrow (June 16) as planned and will be postponed.

After inspecting the field and consultation with management at Clem Jones, Field Groundsman and the Athletics Club, the surface is not appropriate for participation. The field is very wet and as it is continuously watered during the year for different sporting events the water is held well below the surface water and therefore will not dry by tomorrow.

To give perspective the groundsman has explained that no Saturday cricket will be played at this stage due to safety and the damage that will be caused to the field.

This decision was based on multiple factors including but not limited to field surface safety, opportunity for lines to be painted, weather forecasts and other logistics.

We do understand that many people in the community have arranged days off work among other commitments and for this I sincerely apologise. However, the highest priority is student wellbeing and respecting local sporting communities that give us access to these sporting facilities.

After discussion with school leadership the carnival will now be held on Thursday 22nd June 2017.‚Äč