Year 5-6 Curriculum

yr 5-6 curriculum2.jpgYear 5 and 6 is taught within our school’s Contemporary Learning Village. We follow a flexible, inquiry based style of teaching and learning, where the students are encouraged to be confident, self-directed leaners. Much emphasis is placed on effective collaboration and the students work with students across the year level with a variety of classroom and specialist teachers.
We believe students in years 5 and 6 learn best when they;
·      take risks and ask questions
·      collaborate and communicate
·      persist with complex problems to challenge themselves
·      reflect on their learning
·      seek and apply feedback
·      have the opportunity to display their individual creativity
·      make connections to the real world
Student learning is supported in year 5 and 6 by the 1:1 laptop program. This enables teachers and students to integrate a range of digital tools and technologies into all areas of the Australian curriculum.