Year 3-4 Curriculum

Learning in the Middle Years

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The Middle Years Curriculum at St Martin’s builds on the students experiences in the Early Years. We believe in creating a Learner-Centred curriculum where we aim to cater for the unique developmental needs and interests of the children.  Teachers work together to provide a consistent approach to the curriculum, consistent literacy routines and ensure a common language of learning in the classroom.
We know that children in the Middle Years learn best when they:
  • make connections between their diverse prior experiences and learning at the school
  • participate in making decisions
  • make choices and contribute to learning experiences
  • share their opinions and diverse experiences
  • discuss their learning
  • learn in a responsive and supportive social environment
We support students in the Middle Years to develop the 21st Century Learning Skills of creativity and innovation; critical thinking; decision making; collaboration and communication; ICT literacy and personal and social responsibility through educational experiences that combine digital, face-to-face and hands on learning.