School Vegetable Garden

garden2.jpgSt Martins School vegetable garden was set up mid 2012 with the enthusiasm and help of some enthusiastic teachers and volunteers. The raised garden beds are 400mm high enabling students from Prep to Year 7 easy access.

This unique outdoor classroom consists of 6 organic gardens, a ‘no dig’ star garden, and more recently a sandstone seating area was added and some great storage benches.

Focus on Garden’s Horticulturist Yve Beard, works with our staff and students sharing her knowledge and expertise with the children of our school.

Yve shows them that plants are living things, that they are flowering and non-flowering, edible and non-edible and they require water, sun and nutrients to grow. It is ‘hats, gloves, small spades and forks’ in the school garden as she shows the children how to grow organically from seedlings and harvest tasty vegetables. 

garden1.JPGThese learning activities in the school garden are a mixture of theory and lots of practical sessions to teach the young gardeners about which pests to look out for and which to leave to do their job in the garden. Yve also teaches the students about organic & non organic fertilisers, and of course all about improving the soil to bring those worms. Tasty strawberries, fresh beans, herbs, snow peas and various flowering companion plants have all been grown, produced and tasted. Sometimes children take home what they have grown and sometimes we have set up a Market Garden Stall where the fruits of our garden are left out for parents to help themselves, for a small donation.