Prep - Year 2 Curriculum

prep1.JPGAt St Martin’s we believe in providing a safe and positive environment for children to learn. Through our belief in Jesus and Gospel values, we promote respect for people and property. The Early Years Curriculum builds on links for children between their prior, current and future learning. We provide a broad based, integrated program which will provide foundations for success in later learning.

We believe students in the Early Years:

  • Are enthusiastic, motivated and active learners when engaged in their learning
  • Are creative and eager to express their own ideas
  • Respond positively to routines and clear boundaries
  • Require support to develop skills to successfully negotiate and communicate with others in cooperative play and learning situations 
  • Exhibit a variety of learning styles and competencies


  • prep2.JPGLearning and teaching programs at St Martin’s will endeavour to be child-centred, negotiated and inquiry-based
  • ICLT in the form of iPads, pods, interactive whiteboards, digital cameras, desktop computers, MP3 players and a wide range of resources will be used in a variety of learning contexts
  • Differentiation of learning and teaching plans will occur in order to cater to the wide range of learner needs within classes at St Martin’s
  • Curriculum will demonstrate commitment to modern pedagogies and practices
  • Learning and teaching will occur within an environment of respect with a focus on developing confidence, independence and resilience in our learners