Library Resource Centre


The resource collection at St Martin’s Library Resource Centre (LRC) supports the effective implementation of the Australian Curriculum.   Students, Teachers and Staff have access to a wide range of contemporary resources that support effective learning and teaching.

The LRC is staffed by a full-time Teacher-Librarian and a full-time Library Assistant.  It provides areas for flexible learning and teaching arrangements.  This allows for whole class or small groups to engage with print resources and digital devices, including interactive whiteboards, lap-tops, desk-tops and iPads.

The collection is managed online through the OLIVER database.  

  • Access for parents is via link below

  • Year 5 & 6 students have access to view the database and download e-books on their laptops via Student Portal

  • Year 3 & 4 students use their individual log-on details using laptops and/or iPads in Library to view the database

  • Teachers & Staff have access via Staff Portal

 A range of literature-based activities are organised throughout the year: 

  • ​March Scholastic Book Fair (2016 then alternate years)

  • Term 2 & 3 Qld Premier’s Reading Challenge

  • June Children’s Book Council Year 6 Readers Cup Competition

  • August Book Week Celebrations: Dress-up Parade

  • Perform Musicals celebrates Book Week (2015 then alternate years)

  • Author Visits planned for every alternate year to Perform Musicals


​Students are encouraged to make informed choices about what they borrow. Independent readers are introduced to the 5 Finger Test.  This provides guidance for students as to whether a book will be easy, challenging or too difficult for them to read.  (See or google this term for more information)  

Weekly Class Borrowing

Monday – PC, 1D, 1R, 2G, 2R, 3M

Tuesday – PR, 1G, 2C, 2D, 3C, 4R

Wednesday – PD, 1C, 3D, 4D, 5D, 5G, 5M, 6D, 6G, 6M

Thursday – PG, 1M, 3G, 4G

Friday - PM, 2M, 4C, 4M

In regard to students borrowing books and visiting the Library outside their designated class time please note:

Students in Prep, Year 1, 2 & 3 require a waterproof Library bag - these are available from the uniform shop

Opening times Monday to Friday 8.15am - 3.15pm  

Students can visit during lunch-times from Monday to Thursday.  Designated days for Years 3-6 are established at the start of each school year.  Students have access to chess sets, cards, a small range of board games.  They can also use this time to return and borrow books.

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